How to convert normal wheelchair to electric wheelchair

rear drive power assist

As we all know, the normal wheelchair which is drive by people hand which is easy to get tired.

Manual Wheelchair Smart Drive Power Assist Device

We need to find a way that how to convert normal wheelchair to electric wheelchair.

We have launched two kinds of  assist drive system for normal wheelchair.

The first kinds of drive system which is OH-B2 which is just the assist power to drive the wheel chair .

rear drive power assist
wheelchair power assist

Which is simple to operate to drive your normal wheelchair .

Please pay attention which is just assist your normal wheelchair and which can’t to reverse or brake your normal wheelchair.


The second type of normal wheel drive system is OH-BC18-2 which is easy and comfortable to operate.

OH-BC18-2 which is front drive system for wheelchair and which have reverse function and brake the normal wheelchair function.


wheelchair drive assist
front drive wheelchair

The hand cycle drive system which max forward speed can reach 25km/h which is depend on your requirements.

If you have any other requirements, please contact us with free.

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