New launched high torque electric wheelbarrow motor

Wheelbarrow hub motor

electric wheelbarrow motor

New launched high torque electric wheelbarrow motor

Electric wheelbarrow is useful for garden working.

Where we can find the wheelbarrow ?

As we all known that the trolley or wheelbarrow is the best transport in construction sites and garden construction. At present, workers mostly use manual trolley or manual wheelbarrow in the construction process.

Manual wheelbarrow / Manual Trolley


so it is more laborious and dangerous for workers. as a result, the work efficiency is low.
So that, some electric trolleys or electric wheelbarrow have been launched in the market , and the present electric trolley motors or electric wheelbarrow motor launched in the market are divided into two types:

How to choose electric wheelbarrow motor ?

One type is the brushed motor : The disadvantage of this kind of motor is that the efficiency of the motor is low and the failure rate of the motor itself is relatively heavy, which is not conducive to practical application.

The other type is the BLDC motor. At present, the BLDC motor in the market is divided into geared and without gear motors, which is not conducive to implementation when there is out of battery, and the motor itself is heavy.
At present, there is a problem with the BLDC geared motors in the market, that is, the small torque can not meet the demand of climbing.

Wheelbarrow hub motor
BLDC wheel barrow motor

BLDC wheel hub motor is the best choice for electric wheelbarrow

In order to meet the needs of customers and the market, and at the same time to solve the problem of electric trolley motor in the market, our company independently developed and produced electric trolley wheel hub motor or electric wheelbarrow motor.

We used BLDC geared hub motor. High deceleration ratio reduces motor volume and motor weight, and improves the torque of electric trolley or electric wheelbarrow, which can fully meet the needs of construction site and garden construction. At present, the motor is 14.5 inch BLDC electric wheelbarrow motor. Which max torque can reach 120N.M-200N.M

We also can provide you the full complete wheelbarrow motor conversion kit.

Such as brake lever, switch,battery, throttle,etc

If you need any support for how to choose electric wheelbarrow motor, please feel free to contact us

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