Best options of 14 inch wheel hub motor

14 inch ebike motor

BLDC geared 14 inch BLDC ebike motor

As we all know, ebike which is the popular and environmentlly friend way for commuty at present. Regarding electric bike or electric scooter that you need to think about the motor.

We suggest you choose 14 inch BLDC wheel hub motor. rated power range from 250W to 350W

14 inch wheel hub motor which is suitable for tyre 14*1.75-2.125

The advantages of BLDC (brushless direct current) ,high toque ,low noise and long lifespan.

The 14 inch BLDC geared wheel hub motors output high efficiency and output high torque. The geared type motor which have gear reduction increase the torque output, so that the BLDC geared wheel hub motor is simple for climbing hills and carrying loads

14 inch ebike motor
14 inch ebike motor

Which is light weight the 14 inch geared wheel hub motor weight only about 3.0-3.5kg which is simple to install and carry.

How to choose 14 inch BLDC geared ebike motor or 14 inch BLDC geared electric scooter motor ?

14 inch ebike motor
disc brake BLDC wheel hub motor

Voltage:the rated voltage the motor which should match the voltage of your battery. In general rated voltages are 24V, 36V, 48V etc.

Power:The rated power of the motor which can determines how fast and how far, how much torque value. In general rated power are 250W , 350W, 500W.

On the other hand, we need to check your frame drop out size to match the motor’ss drop out size.

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