How to choose front drive ebike motor?

front drive ebike motor

As we all know, the ebike which is the best way for commuting and the popular way of transportation.

BLDC ebike motor which is the important part of full ebike.

The battery who powered motor and motor to power full ebike.

Regarding ebikes which have 3 types of bike motor, front drive motors,mid drive motors,rear drive motors.How to choose ebike motor?Today that i will show you how to choose front drive ebike motor.

At frist, you need to think about your riding environment and your loaded weight.

If you are going to plan ride mostly on flat terrain and riding for normal commuting that you can choose the front drive with 250W power which is enough.

If you are going to riding for food delivery that you choose 500W front drive ebike motor.

At second, if you want to convert your normal bike to ebike

The front drive ebike motor which is better for you .

In general our standard bicycle front fork size which is same drop out size 100mm

So that front drive motor is simple for mounting.

We also can provide you different kinds of ebike coonversion kits for you choose.

If you have any other requirements for ebike motor or ebike conversion kits, please feel free to contact us.



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