How to convert a bike to ebike

rear wheel ebike kit

Hello everybody!

May i have you attention ? Do you know how to convert a bike to ebike ?

As we all know , the best commuting way to keep healthy  is riding bike.

In order to enjoy comfortable way for riding that a lot of people willing to convert normal bike to ebike.

At first, the key point is how to convert a bike to ebike and please check the below video:

At second, we need to know how to choose ebike conversion kit ?

  1. We need to judge your ebike want use for front drive ebike kit or rear drive ebike kit or mid drive ebike kit
  2. We need to check the ebike how much power you request , if you don’t know that you can contact us that we can give you the best suggestion

Changzhou Ouhe Power Technology Co.,Ltd which is the professional manufacturer of ebike motor that we can provide best solution how to convert a bike to ebike.

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